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Welcome to Whissonsett Web

Wednesday, August 20, 2014 11:14:16 AM

Whissonsett or Witcingkeseta as it was known in the Domesday Book means either the settlement of the Witcing tribe or a place of watery meadows.

The village is in a valley on a tributary of the River Wensum with many wells and springs so 'watery meadows' describes it very well.

Set in the heart of rural Norfolk, it is situated between the Market Towns of Fakenham and Dereham. Whissonsett is surrounded by farm land and orchards; the Village itself encircles a beautiful 14th century Church.

It is an idyllic scene, but behind this seemingly timeless picture is the hard work carried out by generation after generation of ordinary Norfolk people to preserve and beautify the church and village they love.

With a history dating from the Dark Ages and The Iceni Tribe (Eceni) to Modern times there is a lot more to the Village than first meets the eye, so whether you`re a villager or visitor we hope you find something useful, interesting and informative.

FeedBack - If you have any comments, suggestions, feedback or if you would like to see anything added to the site in general, ie: links, information, then please contact the webmaster using the Contact Form.

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Broadband Update - Fibre to Cabinet

Whissonsett now has fibre to cabinet broadband available, to check for your ISPs availability to supply, click on the link above and then click on your ISPs logo.

Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) provides a fibre path between the cabinet near you and the exchange. The final leg uses the existing copper network between your home and the cabinet. This will still deliver much faster speeds than are available over standard broadband!

Village Hall Defibrillator Whissonsett parish council has funded the cost and installation of a community heart defibrillator, which is in place on the exterior wall of Whissonsett Village Hall on London Street, Whissonsett. The machine is now live and ready to use
This is a public machine and used in conjunction with the Eastern Ambulance Service. To access only in emergency, ring 999.  Whilst at the box you will then be given an access code to open the box and retrieve the defibrillator. This is a semi automatic machine and simple to use instructions are given by voice prompts.
This is a new project.  At a future date, informal training will take place, given by a member from The Community Heartbeat Trust, for members of public who feel this would be worthwhile.  The Parish Council will publish the date shortly.
David Burton, Chairman of Whissonsett Parish Council.

Post Office service is coming to Whissonsett, as from February 4th, the Post Office will be providing services from the Village Hall, London Street the services will be available on Tuesdays and Thursdays open from 9 am to 12.30 pm there is also a helpline no for anyone with a query 08457 22 33 44

Residents please note that there is now available a Post Office service in the village.  It operates from the Village Hall in Whissonsett on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 9.00 a.m. until 12.30 p.m!


Wifi Broadband update!

WiSpire is leading the way in providing a better broadband service to local communities across Norfolk and this is now coming to Whissonsett READ MORE.



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News / Site updates

To keep the site up to date the webmaster needs to have information passed on to him, please get in touch if you have events, meetings that need to be added, details that need changing etc, Thanks.


Community Car Scheme
There is a community car scheme available for Whissonsett residents through the Village Shop at Ryburgh.
This is not a free service, volunteers are given a donation by individuals using the scheme to cover fuel and wear and tear.
The contacts and telephone number for the Village Shop in Ryburgh is Andrew Purdy, Joyce or Suzanne on
01328 829834


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Community Transport Dial-A-Bus


Ikebana Classes


Twenty Ten Group - This is a newly formed art and craft enthusiasts group.


From Norfolk County Council Home Fire Risk Checks, The elderly, disabled and vulnerable are entitled to free home fire risk checks of their homes and can have a free fire alarm fitted, to book a visit is ring Hayley Greener on 0800 9178137(freephone)


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